Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

SOB4ES Partners Hold First In-Person Meeting in Vigo, Spain

On June 14th-15th, the SOB4ES consortium partners came together for their first in-person meeting in the beautiful city of Vigo (Spain) to officially kick off the project.

Hosted by the coordinating institution, the University of Vigo, the meeting gave the opportunity for all partners to meet face-to-face.

On the first day, general sessions were dedicated to the SOB4ES project outline, links and synergies with other projects, as well as specific research objectives in respective work packages. This allowed the partners to gain a concrete overview of the work awaiting during the project's duration. More detailed discussions and workshops were organised on the second day. All participants were engaged in setting up a plan and discussing methodologies for the soil biodiversity data collection and temporal field sampling. Data requirements for planned analyses and engagement activities for future stakeholders were discussed. These workshop sessions allowed an in-depth overview of the first steps to take within the SOB4ES project.

Throughout the 2-day meeting, consortium partners could enjoy the delicious food from Galicia while continuing in both formal and informal discussions. In the end, all participants were excited about the project start and started looking forward to the (field)work and the next in-person meeting in 2024!

The SOB4ES consortium in Vigo, Spain