Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

Work Packages

The project activities are managed in so-called Work Packages (WPs). SOB4ES is set up around six such WPs. Different partners take the lead on achieving different tasks within a particular WP while ensuring close collaboration with other institutions and across the different WPs.

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Work Package 1Project coordination and managementWork Package 2Soil biodiversity analysis under various intensities of major land uses in pedoclimatic regions representative for the EU: composition, network structure, indicators, drivers and pressures of changeWork Package 3Quantification of ecosystem performance in delivering ES: Linking SOB activities to the potential synergies and trade-offs between ES across different LUI and pedoclimatic regionsWork Package 4Harmonised and cost-effective framework to integrate SOB and its contribution to ES to improve ecosystemcondition assessments and land management planning at National and European levelsWork Package 5Interactive approach in the uptake of practices that promote SOB and its contributionto ES for its better integration in land management decisions and EU policiesWork Package 6Long term communication strategy, project outputs exploitation and data interoperability for more integrative land management solutions