Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

Advisory Boards

In addition to the scientific expertise present within the consortium, SOB4ES also integrates the visions from other actors through the Scientific Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Board.

  • Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Advisory Board advises SOB4ES partners on research and policy needs, both upon request and proactively, and ensures the wide dissemination and long-term accessibility of SOB4ES outputs even after the project concludes.


    • Diana Wall GSBI and SoilBON
    • Zöe Lindo NETSOB
    • George G. Brown NETSOB
    • Arwyn Jones JRC
    • Rosa Cuevas Corona FAO GSP
    • Natalia Rodríguez Eugenio FAO GSP
    • Paola Clerici Maestosi Agora
  • Stakeholder Board

    The Stakeholder Board provides insights into knowledge gaps, contextual factors, and socio-economic barriers related to soil biodiversity (SOB) and ecosystem services (ES). It also contributes to the co-design of various activities aimed at integrating ecological SOB knowledge into practical applications to enhance SOB and ES. Incorporating members from diverse backgrounds and interests, including those from the public and private sectors, NGOs, and EU and national environmental agencies, the Stakeholder Board will support the organisation of regional meetings with farmers and their organisations, foresters, land managers, environmental agencies, and administrators to demonstrate and assess the relevance of SOB.