Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

Airfield Estate

As Dublin’s Sustainable Food Hub, Airfield Estate is a 38-acre working farm in the Dublin suburbs. Open daily to the public we offer a complete farm-to-fork experience focusing on sustainable food production at each point on the chain. By farming and growing both organically and regeneratively Airfield promotes a research-based approach to all aspects of sustainable food with a specific focus on soil and food waste. Airfield Estate, visited by 320,000 people annually, looks to bridge the gap between the consumer and producer through interactive farm visits that demonstrate our soil regeneration techniques, fruit and vegetable growing and livestock farming involving dairy cows, pigs, sheep and poultry.

Role within SOB4ES

Airfield Estate is a dissemination partner for the project and will bring their industry and NGO expertise to the project, helping to ensure that the project works with relevant stakeholders at all levels of the food chain and at relevant time points. It will also assist in raising public awareness of the project and create an understanding of its achievements.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Kirstie McAdoo
Dr. Kirstie McAdoo

Director of Education and Research

Photo of Ms Elaine Crosse
Ms Elaine Crosse

Head of Advocacy and Communications

Photo of Dr. Aoíbhin Heslin
Dr. Aoíbhin Heslin

Research Officer