Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

Netherlands Institute of Ecology of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences

Role within SOB4ES

The Department of Terrestrial Ecology of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is leading Work Package 2, where soil biodiversity information will be collected from nine representative zones across Europe. These zones are characterised by typical climate conditions and the soil material's origin. All soil biodiversity will be characterised in relation to land use (agricultural, grassland, forest, wetlands, urban, orchards, and restoration from e.g. mining activities. This will yield unprecedented information that further enriches the European soil databases, such as LUCAS and SoilBon, as well as national soil databases. The results will be used to analyse the effects of land use intensity on soil biodiversity. Subsequently, this information will be used to discuss what drivers and pressures influence soil biodiversity, and what this means for soil (foodweb) functioning. Finally, the results will also be linked to remote sensing-based information for determining the accuracy and economic costs of soil monitoring as envisaged in the EU soil monitoring law.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Wim van der Putten
Prof. Wim van der Putten

WP2 Leader

Photo of Dr. ir. Justine Lejoly
Dr. ir. Justine Lejoly

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Dr Jasper Wubs


Photo of Dr. Giles Ross
Dr. Giles Ross

Postdoctoral Researcher