Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

Mel Finca Organica S. Coop. Galega

Nestled in the heart of Painzás, in Vilasantar, is the home of Millo e Landras, an organic farm that reflects our passion for nature, sustainability and living in harmony with the environment. Let us share our story with you.

We are Marta and Víctor, two souls passionate about the earth and its cycles. Together, with our shared love of nature and animals, we have brought Millo e Landras to life. In this privileged corner of Galicia, we grow fruits and vegetables in a certified organic way, raise animals with respect, and offer artisanal products that speak of the care we put into every step.

Our philosophy is based on sustainability and responsibility. As we care for our earth, we also strive to educate and empower others in more mindful practices. Our Circular Economy and Environmental Education section is a testament to our commitment to sharing knowledge and making a difference.

Every day at Millo e Landras is a reminder that life in symbiosis with nature is possible. From composting that closes nutrient cycles to producing food that nourishes body and soul, every choice we make reflects our core values.

Role within SOB4ES

For several years now, Millo e Landras has dedicated a lot of effort to improving the health of its agricultural soils. In the SOB4ES project, MFO will provide plots to analyse the biodiversity present in Galician soils based on different types of management.

Main contacts

Photo of Víctor Manuel Boga Vázquez
Víctor Manuel Boga Vázquez

Farmer and founding partner

Photo of Marta García Villar
Marta García Villar

Farmer and founding partner