Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

University of Vigo

The University of Vigo has repeatedly been ranked among the 100 best world universities under 50 years old by The Times Higher Education. Its activities are funded by the Spanish and Galician governments (structural and competitive funding) as well as through financing obtained from RDI activities (private contracts, collaborations with industry, patents, consultancy, etc.). UVIGO has received investments for research from the Spanish Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness and the EU Horizon2020 initiative.

Role within SOB4ES

UVIGO is the coordinator of the SOB4ES project, and therefore, it is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of a project. The research team involved will actively participate in the collection of field samples to identify different soil organisms, carry out physico-chemical analyses and implement a digital tool aiming to engage society to care about soils and the organisms that live in them.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Maria J. I. Briones
Prof. Maria J. I. Briones

Full professor

Photo of Dr. Javier Rodeiro Iglesias
Dr. Javier Rodeiro Iglesias

Senior lecturer

Photo of Dr. Julia Köninger
Dr. Julia Köninger

Postdoctoral researcher