Integrating Soil Biodiversity into Ecosystem Services

SOB4ES and Project Partner Millo e Landras Featured on Galician TV

Contributing to project communication efforts at the national level, SOB4ES partners, Victor Manuel Boga Vázquez and Marta García Villar from Millo e Landras (MFO), were featured on Galician television. In a 30-minute documentary broadcast on December 16 by Televisión de Galicia, Marta and Victor provide an overview of their sustainable activities on the farm. In addition, SOB4ES coordinator, Maria JI Briones, was interviewed to give more information on the project's mission and the ongoing sampling activities within the project (19min50sec).

With beautiful images showcasing the ongoing soil sampling efforts for the analysis of soil biodiversity, the documentary offers behind-the-scenes insights into the SOB4ES project.

Click the image below to view the documentary in Spanish:


Victor Manuel Boga Vázquez (MFO) giving more information on sustainable activities done on the farm of Millo e Landras.
Marta García Villar (MFO) explaining activities of Millo e Landras.
Victor Manuel Boga Vázquez and Marta García Villar on the farm of Millo e Landras.
Prof. Maria JI Briones (UVIGO) giving an interview on SOB4ES´ mission and activities.